Comments from clients

Comments from clients

» At last I can be in control on the concert platform. Now I decide how it is going to be, not the enviroment, others, etc. «

» Just a quick Thank you for the workshop at the weekend; I found it to be really enjoyable in addition to providing some invaluable insights into how it is possible to retrain our thought patterns. I feel as though it will help not only my playing but my whole approach to Life, Thank you for an emotional and uplifting experience.. «

» These sessions have been a HUGE help and I have started to have BIG improvements to my career and performances as a direct result! I’m finally starting to perform to my potential, and it’s having immediate implications to my career and life. Imagine if I didn’t attend this course.
Best, XXX «

» Mental training is wonderful. It helped me to win the piano prize at the RAM. «

» At last I can be in control on the concert platform. Now I decide how it is going to be, not the environment, others, etc. «

» I did the grounding exercises over and over again and won the competition! Now I have real career possibilities. «

» I visualized the performance the way I wanted it to be and it worked. «

» Using the breathing techniques really helps me. «

» After I understood how destructive the negative dialogue can be, I stopped letting it influence my performance. «

» Hi Inger, the concert was a great success and most important, I felt good. I could really use the techniques we worked on. I am so very happy for our session today. «

» I found the course extremely helpful in identifying the causes of anxiety when on stage or the concert platform, and in developing practical strategies to deal with those feelings. At all times it was stressed that mental training techniques require regular practise – indeed, the course is not a ‘quick fix’. I found it to be an overpowering experience as we were reminded that that the individual does have control over their thoughts before and during a performance. «

» I heard about the workshop at the very last moment and couldn’t be happier I had the chance to join it: it changed my approach to my instrument (piano) and to any other challenge, and it consequently changed my life. I wanted to thank you for it, as I couldn’t have developped as I have, if nobody had made me aware of all the things I learnt in those 2 days. «

» Thank you so much for such a helpful and fast learning weekend. I was lucky enough to have three clear days after your weekend so I worked very hard at many things and the first two concerts benefitted a lot from all your help especially over keeping my breathing low which for a wind player makes such a difference. I really felt in control and always had positive things to do if the nerves kicked in. I am now an expert jumping Jack! The third concert I found it harder to keep my grounding but the concert was fine, I was just greedy for the same feeling again! Now is a new week and determination to discover more is a good feeling. «

» I wanted to say the biggest thank-you I’m not exaggerating when I say the weekend workshop was life changing for me. Astonishing as it may be for someone who already uses some of these techniques with my own clients, I’ve not applied them to myself. But that has changed thanks to you. I have started to be much more aware of my ‘monkey’ and gently but firmly putting it out in the garden to play rather than being curled around my neck and biting and scratching me when it wants my attention, and saying unkind things. I am catching myself saying negative things and substituting for positives, and already I can feel the reaction you described, in my body and in my emotional state For my performance, I have been reflecting on my feelings about the show and what work needs to be done. I am starting to accept what I have done so far as good, and to treat the issues we have had as opportunities to learn, not as problems. Most of all I am working on constantly making sure I’m being kind to myself and respectful to what I have achieved so far. I am starting to reflect more honestly and carefully on the ‘core convictions’ I have about learning lines and remembering lyrics and being in the moment, and accepting that this is a voyage of discovery that will take time, not a quick fix, but that I can do enough in the time I have. I also realise that the energy and passion I have for what I do can be released «

» Hello Inger, I am a RAM student, I have really got so much from your MTM classes. Thanks so much. I’ve learned to stop the ‘monkey talk’ as soon as it begins in most cases, which has been instrumental in me doing well in some major auditions these past few months. Thank you! My career feels like it is really taking off this year, whereas last year I felt I was going nowhere. «

» My event went great! A room packed with 200 peers and a Chief Exec in the mix and I was a supremo at hosting the whole conference. My air of super calm really took me by surprise – it’s amazing how I can stretch myself. The rehearsals were terrifying but the reality was a breeze. Thank you for all you help again – I was practicing your techniques every day. «