Training; individual workshops, SKYPE

Training; individual workshops, SKYPE

An Holistic approach to Music Performance

  • Techniques to eliminate negative thought patterns
  • Understanding of the nature and origin of anxiety and how to channel its energy into your performance
  • Techniques to help stay focused, centered, and access your energy at that exact time you need it
  • How to achieve a peak performance
  • Work on self-confidence, grounding and breathing
  • Structuring of practise – technically and mentally
  • Work on meditation, visualisation, and energy flow
  • Focus on how much diet and exercise influence your playing standard together with training programme suggestions
  • The course will give you access to your creativity, intuition, technical ability, talent and musicality. You will learn how to perform to your maximum ability and how to become “one” with that music you are performing.
  • Have you experienced a mental block or suffered a traumatic experience on the concert platform?
  • Have you had problems, with fast technically demanding passages on the concert platform and do these problems still disturb you?
  • Duren the course, it will be possible, on a private one-to-one basis, to remove quickly and effectively, any previous negative experiences.

Inger Murray working with RAM studentsWorkshop Models (this is flexible)

A good course structure for music conservatories, especially for 1st year students, diverse groups of musicians, for example, (Orchestras, Music Schools, Music Colleges, Specialist Music Schools) is; three to four workshops of 3 hours duration during the academic year. It is necessary, over a period of time, to work regularly with the mental strategies covered in the course because it is a constant development process to eliminate negative thought patterns, learn how to be focused and grounded, and through meditation and visualisation come in contact with inner energy resources.

Weekend workshops over two whole days.

One day workshop

Two half-days. This will give the participant knowledge of what to work on to free themselves from stage fright, together with techniques to move focus and thereby be able to stop anxiety developing on the concert platform.

Individual therapy fir the treatment of stage-fright

Individual therapy to remove a mental block or previous negative experiences on the concert platform (the treatment is fast, very effective, and in most cases one treatment session is enough)

Inger Ram workshopBow-shake problems, and periodic paralysis of fingers and other vital parts of the body, during performance.

Individual therapy to re-start a concert career. Even old injuries can be healed!

Individual weekend therapy for the treatment of post traumatic platform experiences; in preparation for an important concert/audition/examination, or in the case of a sudden acute problem in the middle of a concert tour or theatre production.


Treatment is also conducted on SKYPE

A questionnaire is offered in the beginning, to establish the extent and the nature of the problem. The client is then sent material to work on. Two/three sessions are normally sufficient.

Consultations include material.

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Symptoms of performance anxiety:

  • Weak fingers
  • Shaking/trembling hands
  • Sweaty hands
  • Stiff muscles
  • Heart palpitations
  • Shortness of breath/shallow breathing
  • Upset stomach
  • Poor concentration
  • Inability to focus
  • Racing, out of control thoughts
  • Negative/self-critical thoughts
  • Lack of self-believe in your ability/low self-esteem
  • Anxiety for making mistakes
  • Fear of not living up to other’s expectations
  • Feeling that the audience is being over critical towards you and doesn’t want you to plat well
  • Inability to be “at one” with the music
  • Fear of fast, technically demanding passages
  • Inability to perform to your full potential
  • Panic attacks
  • Memory loss
  • Mental block
  • Having to abandon your performance
  • Flash-backs of past negative experiences


If you can answer yes to two or more of the above questions, Mental Training can help you to overcome problems and achieve your full potential.